12/21 Competition Alte Gärtnerei Heinersdorf Berlin:
Moritz was leading the design team Jochen Karl + Prof Stefan Tischer in the invited competition "Alte Gärtnerei Heinersdorf Berlin". The proposal for 550 new housing units arranged around a collective greenhouse and mobility hub received a special mention. Read more

10/21 German Design Award:
BreaZea received the German Design Award in the categorie Special Mention Excellent Architecture / Interior Architecture. Read more

09/21 Exhibition Unfinished Metropolis:
Vision for a Metropolitan Ecotone is exhibited at Unfinished Metropolis from 09/2021 to 03/2022. Read more

09/21 Salone del Mobile. The Makers Show:
BreaZea wall system is shown at Salone del Mobile. Read more

09/21 Dezeen:
BreaZea featured on Dezeen. Read more

09/21 Dwell:
BreaZea featured in dwell. Read more

09/21 Spring Wise:
BreaZea featured in Spring Wise. Read more

09/21 Berliner Tagesspiegel:
Article on the design research of Breathe IN/Breathe OUT Read more

07/21 Public presentation METRO Campus Düsseldorf:
Moritz was leading the design team Jochen Karl + Prof Stefan Tischer in the international invited competition "METRO Campus Düsseldorf". The public presentation of the proposal can be viewed here. Read more

06/21 Vienna Biennale for Change 2021:
Breathe IN/Breathe OUT is part of the exhibition CLIMATE CARE: Reimagining Shared Planetary Futures at MAK Vienna. Read more

04/21 Finalist METRO Campus Düsseldorf:
Moritz is leading the design team Jochen Karl + Prof Stefan Tischer in the international invited competition "METRO Campus Düsseldorf". The proposal for approx. 2.000 housing units and a mixed-use high-rise building is shortlisted for the final round. Read more

11/20 Metropolengespräche:
Presentation of Vision for a Metropolitan Ecotone. Read more

08/20 COVID-19 and the city: How past pandemics have shaped urban landscapes
Interview with Thomas Wintle for CGTN. Read more

07/20 2. Prize International Competition Berlin Brandenburg 2070:
The vision for an ecological and social future of the metropolitan city-region Berlin-Brandenburg by OFFICE MMK in collaboration with SMAQ, Kopperroth, Alex Wall and Prof Stefan Tischer Landscape Architecture in the framework of the „International Urban Idea Competition Berlin-Brandenburg 2070" was awarded with the second prize. Read more

03/20 The Next Podcast. The Future of AI:
Podcast with Suryaveer Patnaik. Read more


We design and make environments for people, plants and animals. Our work explores alternative futures arising through the intersection of emerging technologies, everyday life and complex environmental issues. We apply architectural thinking to domains beyond to implement social, economical and ecological change.


Crafting Plastics Studio
Gaëlle Choisne
KopperRoth Architektur und Stadtumbau
Living Systems
Lukas Wegwerth
Marina Stanimirovic
Office ParkScheerbarth
SMAQ Architecture Urbanism Research
Stefan Tischer Landscape Architecture
Thomas Conchou

Team since 2018

Evelina Faliagka
Kriti Garg
Rosa Pintos Hanhausen
Alissia Hoffmann
Christina Krampokouki
Moritz Maria Karl
Lasse Rau
Lukas Utzig


Our work ranges from the molecular to the territorial. Sometimes we operate outside the conventional boundaries of architecture and urbanism. We understand architecture as a collection of objects, buildings, places, territories and emotions.





Architecture, Design Research
Berlin / Bratislava
Temple of Love - Affirmation with Gaëlle Choisne
Architecture, Urban Design
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Conscious City – Sustainable and Equitable City Making
Surabaya, Indonesia
Deep Learning Architecture Generator
Architecture, Technology
Berlin, Germany
Animalesque AA VS Berlin - Guest critic
Urban Design, Architecture
Berlin, Germany
Intellectual Property Innovation and Urban Development
Shanghai, China
Bratislava, Slovakia
Europan 14
Architecture, Urban Design
Neu-Ulm, Germany
On the Rise of a New Empire - Technology for a brief moment of subjectivity
Design Research
London, UK
The Case of Newham
Urban Design, Design Research
London, UK

The Office

OFFICE MMK was founded by Moritz Maria Karl. Moritz is a researcher and teacher at TU Berlin and has also taught at the COOP Design Research Program of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. His teaching and research explores the relationship between networked technologies, cities and people. Moritz received an MArch Urban Design (Distinction) from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London and a Dipl. Ing. of Architecture (Distinction) from KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Find us here

Moritz Maria Karl
c/o OPS Mehringdamm 83
10965 Berlin


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